Save Money With These Homemade Spices and Seasoning Blends

The cost of living is increasing all the time but our wages are not increasing at the same rate. We’ve gotta find as many ways as we can to cut costs. One simple way you can do this is by making your own homemade spices and seasonings.

For many of us, groceries account for a huge chunk of our monthly budget. Small changes like this can really add up. Many of these homemade spices and seasoning recipes cost significantly less than purchasing a jar at the store.

Some of these recipes are pretty close to the same cost; however, that one-time cost makes significantly more. This will save you from having to buy those spices or seasonings again for a long time.

Spice & Seasoning Recipes

Making your own spices and seasonings at home is surprisings simple and can save you a ton of money. You can make a large batch of seasonings you use frequently like taco seasoning, for example.

 I like to store mine in a small mason jar and then I have it on hand whenever I need it. If you don’t have any mason jars you can find them for around $5 at both WalMart and Amazon. You can also purchase clear, plastic spices containers for less than $1 a piece.

You can find an amazing deal on some perfect jars for your DIY homemade spices on Amazon. Ill link to them below if you want to check them out. 

There this this simples DIY tutorial from Hometalk that shows you how to make container labels. You can easily scale this down to make perfect labels for your new spice jars.

For this DIY label project, all you need is some packaging tape and the ability to print on a regular plain white sheet of paper. Check out the video below.

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Homemade Spices & Seasoning Blends

  1. Homemade Taco Seasoning Recipe by
  2. Homemade Basic Chilli Powder Recipe by
  3. Homemade Ranch Seasoning Recipe by
  4. Homemade Italian Seasoning Recipe by
  5. Homemade Jamaican Jerk Blend Recipe by
  6. Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice Recipe by
  7. Homemade Seasoned Salt Recipe by
  8. Homemade Sloppy Joe Mix Recipe by 
  9. Homemade Poultry Seasoning Recipe by 
  10. Homemade Fajita Seasoning Recipe by 
  11. Homemade Cajun Seasoning Recipe by 
  12. Homemade Citrus Herb Seasoning Recipe by
  13. Homemade Garlic Bread Seasoning Recipe by 
  14. Homemade Ramen Seasoning Recipe by 
  15. Homemade Burger & French Fry Seasoning Recipe by 
  16. Homemade Lemon Pepper Seasoning Recipe by
  17. Homemade Spaghetti Sauce Seasoning Recipe by 
  18. Homemade Guacamole Seasoning Recipe by 
  19. Homemade Montreal Steak Seasoning Recipe by 
  20. Homemade Pizza Seasoning Recipe by 
  21. Homemade BBQ Seasoning Recipe by

Not only do these homemade spices and seasonings save you a ton of money, but they also assure you that you know what is going into the foods you are eating and serving your family. You may be surprised at the amount of added ingredients in your everyday spices.

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